Fifty Years of FC2

In 1974 a group of writers founded a publishing collective, “the first of its kind in this country, in which writers make all business decisions and do all editorial and copy work.” Their goal was to escape the commercial imperatives of the increasingly myopic publishing industry — not to make money but to make a literature: a literature of innovation, imagination, transformation, and hope.

The Fiction Collective, and its 1989 recrystallization Fiction Collective 2, evoked polarized reactions. Over fifty years it weathered exhaustion and renewal, near-bankruptcies, and political attacks in the US Congress. During all that time it continued its work of publishing writers, over two hundred in all. It witnessed, and in some cases drove, profound changes in the Ameri­can publishing landscape.

Fifty years later, FC2 continues to operate as an author-run collective, dedicated to recruiting new and diverse makers of the images of tomorrow and to forging an ever more representative and provocative collective to challenge and overwrite the brutal conventions of our insufficient now.

We invite you to join us in celebrating the past and the future of this collectivity, the fifty years run and the fifty and more to come.

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50th Anniversary Events

AWP, February 7–10

Find us at the AWP bookfair in Kansas City, February 7–10, and pick up special 50th anniversary swag. Join us for an FC2 reading and reception on Saturday evening, February 10, at Torn Label Brewing.