American Made: New Fiction from the Fiction Collective

Edited by Curtis White, Mark Leyner, and Thomas Glynn

Wakenight Emporium, by A. B. West (FC2, 2002)


ISBN 978-0-914590-98-9

Quality Paper
ISBN 978-0-914590-99-6

A kaleidoscopic collection of some of the most exuberant and imaginative fiction being written in this country today.


Mark Leyner (born 1956) is an American postmodernist author. He has worked as a columnist for Esquire and George magazines, and as a writer for the MTV program Liquid Television. He also co-wrote and voiced a short-lived series of audio fiction called Wiretap.

Curtis White has published fiction with the Fiction Collective, Sun and Moon, and Dalkey Archive Press, and a major work of non-fiction, The Middle Mind: Why Consumer Culture is Turning Us Into the Living Dead, with Harper San Francisco. His FC2 books include Anarcho-Hindu, and Heretical Songs.

Thomas Glynn is the author of three novels — Temporary Sanity from FC2, as well as The Building and Watching the Body Burn — and a book that mixes fiction and non-fiction: Hammer. Nail. Wood. The Compulsion to Build.