Avant-Pop: Fiction for a Daydream Nation

Edited by Larry McCaffery

Wakenight Emporium, by A. B. West (FC2, 2002)

Quality Paper
ISBN 978-0-932511-72-0

Avant-Pop is innovative fiction, comic book art, unique graphics, and various unclassifiable texts written by the most radical, subversive literary talents of the postmodern new wave. They include cult figures in the pop underground (Samuel R. Delany, Kathy Acker, Tim Ferret, Derek Pell, Harold Jaffe), important new writers who have gained prominence since the late eighties (Mark Leyner, Eurudice, William T. Vollmann), and the most promising new kids on the block (“rap fiction” master Ricardo Cortez Cruz — winner of the 1992 Nilon Award for Excellence in Minority Fiction — and Doug Rice, whose obscenely obsessive, Faulkner-meets-Acker prose is showcased here for the first time).

Avant-Pop will send a collective wake-up call to all those readers who have spent the last decade nodding off, along with the rest of America’s daydream nation. Avant-Pop will actually reverse the numbing effects of years of exposure to the harmful emissions of television, movies, glossy magazines, and commercial bestsellers. Readers who decry the absence of a liberating radicalized art and have had it with our bland B-movie society of the spectacle will hop with the hip in Avant-Pop.


A cluster-bomb of crazy fiction from a generation too sane to repeat yesterday’s lies.

Tom Robbins


Lawrence F. “Larry” McCaffery Jr. is a literary critic, editor, and retired Professor of English and Comparative Literature at San Diego State University.