Degenerative Prose

Edited by Mark Amerika and Ronald Sukenick

Wakenight Emporium, by A. B. West (FC2, 2002)

Quality Paper
ISBN 978-1-57366-008-2

Degenerative Prose is outlaw writing with a terrorist heart. The missives published here represent an explosive mix of avant-pop fiction, e-mail viruses, anti-aesthetic manifestoes, dissident comix, aberrant essays, eloquent rants, mock interviews, and phony contributor notes. An interventionist attack on the banality of mainstream culture, Degenerative Prose tears down the reign of genre and dares the reader to use these previously unpublished narrative strategies to deconstruct all the digital hype permeating the sonic landscape. A witches’ brew of cult-writing stirs within these pages, and includes characters with names like Ken Dorfberg, Norman Conquest, Eurudice, Ricardo Cortez Crus, Bob’s Media Ecology, Terry Southern, Rikki Ducornet, and Steve Katz.


Mark Amerika has been named a “Time Magazine 100 Innovator.” His FC2 books include Sexual Blood and The Kafka Chronicles.

Ronald Sukenick was on the cutting edge of American fiction and publishing for four decades. He has won an American Book Award for Lifetime Achievement and the American Academy of Arts and Letters prestigious Morton Dauwen Zabel Award, and is founder and publisher of American Book Review. His FC2 books include Last Fall, The Death of the Novel, Up, Mosaic Man, Doggy Bag, Endless Short Story, Long Talking Bad Conditions Blues, and 98.6.