Statements 2: New Fiction

Edited by Jonathan Baumbach and Peter Spielberg

Wakenight Emporium, by A. B. West (FC2, 2002)


ISBN 978-0-914590-36-1

Quality Paper
ISBN 978-0-914590-37-8

This new collection of heretofore unpublished short stories and excerpts from works in progress by twenty-four authors brings together fiction of wide-ranging visions and styles. Like its predecessor Statements 1, the anthology serves as a showcase for some of the most innovative contemporary American fiction writers. New authors as well as voices familiar to readers of previous Fiction Collective books are represented: Walter Abish, Glenda Adams, Mimi Albert, Russell Banks, Jonathan Baumbach, Jerry Bumpus, Jerome Charyn, Robert Coover, Raymond Federman, B. H. Friedman, Thomas Glynn, Richard Grayson, Marianne Hauser, Steve Katz, Bruce Klienman, Elaine Kraf, Laura Kramer, Clarence Major, Ursule Molinaro, Leon Rooke, Steven Schrader, R. D. Skillings, Peter Spielberg, and Ronald Sukenick.


Jonathan Baumbach is the author of numerous books of fiction, and a widely published and anthologized short story writer. He has written about movies for Partisan Review and is a former chairman of the National Society of Film Critics. His FC2 books include D-Tours, Seven Wives, Separate Hours, The Life and Times of Major Fiction, My Father More or Less, Chez Charlotte and Emily, Babble, and Reruns.

Peter Spielberg was born in Vienna. He has been awarded fellowships in fiction by the New York Foundation for the Arts and by the National Endowment for the Arts. His FC2 books include The Noctambulists & Other Fictions, Hearsay, Crash Landing, The Hermetic Whore, and Twiddledum Twaddledum.