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Since 1974, The Fiction Collective and FC2 have been indispensable means of discovering artistic quality not recognizable by the marketplace. FC2 has been a haven for the innovative and the transgressive, for voices that threaten the prevailing power structure and offend prevailing morals, for any paradigm-changing fiction that cannot be published commercially. Although the small-press movement has grown tremendously since 1974, FC2 remains unique today in that it still functions as a collective of writers: all decisions are made not by merchants or even by professional editors, but by FC2 authors.

As an imprint of the University of Alabama Press, FC2 does not make money from the sale of FC2 books. Our Editorial Board is made up of unpaid volunteers; manuscript readers, who are also FC2 authors, are likewise unpaid; all our outreach, publicity, and operational costs are funded by grants, contest submission fees, and donations.

In 2024, the 50th anniversary of this literary experiment, FC2 is conducting a special fundraising drive to make us a stronger community and a better publisher for the next 50 years and beyond. We are grateful for donations of any size, each of which brings us closer to our goals:

• Improve publicity of FC2 books (finding the right readers for unorthodox books is even harder today than it was in 1974)
• Spread the word about FC2 through outreach, events, readings, podcasts, and all the media of the future
• Offer professional and appropriate editorial services to FC2 authors who want them
• Reduce contest fees
• Build a sustainable collective capable of carrying on its mission far into the future

Please donate today! If you would like to discuss other forms of giving, do not hesitate to contact us. FC2 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so your donation may be tax deductible.