FC2 is delighted to announce that J Efron has won the 2024 Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Prize! FC2 will publish their winning manuscript in the Fall of 2025.

J Efron. an us citizen. a non-me collective. carving symbols. tracing carvings. carvings: literis litura. carvings infected, carvings about pulling a stone from a river, a wet hand. unintentional consequences. carving messages to others i.e. how marbled newts find home via celestial navigation. FC2 is J’s first nineteen-count respiration.

every breath is that of precious finite resources, being exhausted.

J Efron, welcome to the collective! We also want to recognize the six other finalist manuscripts that, although they did not win, were sent to the contest judge:

  • Anticlockwise: the Board Game, by Gregory Ferbrache
  • Glitch, Michigan, by David Greenspan
  • Wrong Minority, by Michael Hahn
  • Identifying the Pathogen, by Jennifer Militello
  • Now I’m Photogenic and Other Stories I Tell Myself, by Jill Rosenberg
  • Field Notes from the Apocalypse, by M Jaime Zuckerman

Sincere thanks to everybody who entered, and to Ray Levy, the final judge.

The reading period for the 2025 FC2 Innovative Fiction Prizes will open on August 15, 2024. Winners receive cash awards and publication. Judges will be announced later in May.