“My Horse,” by Stacey Levine, from the anthology An Illuminated History of the Future, edited by Curtis White and published by FC2 in 1989 — reprinted in My Horse and Other Stories, from Sun and Moon Press. Read by Barry Press. In the second part of the program, Stacey is joined by writer Evelyn Hampton.

Stacey Levine is the author of four books of fiction. Her story collection The Girl with Brown Fur, which was longlisted for The Story Prize, was also shortlisted for the Washington State Book Award in 2012. Her novel Frances Johnson was shortlisted for the Washington State Book Award in 2005, and her collection My Horse and Other Stories won a PEN/West Fiction Award. My Horse and Levine’s novel Dra— were published by the much-lauded Los Angeles-based Sun & Moon Press. A Pushcart Prize nominee, Levine received a Stranger Genius Award for Literature in 2009, and her fiction has been translated for Japanese and Danish publications.

Evelyn Hampton is the author of Discomfort, The Aleatory Abyss, and the chapbooks MADAM, Seven Touches of Music, and We Were Eternal and Gigantic. Her collection Famous Children and Famished Adults won FC2’s Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Prize. An excerpt from her novella Billy Material can be found at Blazing Stadium. She lives in Denver.

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