In this time of interlocking pandemics, we are experiencing the intensification of the miseries produced by racial capitalism, but also a new flowering of resistance. FC2 supports the movement to dismantle the racist history and present produced by the fiction of whiteness, invented to justify expropriation and domination, and persistently re-enacted through physical, emotional, economic, political, social, and cultural violence. For over 40 years, FC2 has pursued radical creative and critical interventions in this dangerous fiction. We pride ourselves on making trouble, and we re-commit ourselves now to working even harder, individually and collectively, to interrogate our own imaginative and material practices, while also attending to our blindspots and amplifying historically marginalized voices. Fictions of division do damage. But fictions of alterity scramble the signals of hegemony, tuning us in to as-yet unimagined horizons of possibility. Samuel Delany writes that “Without an image of tomorrow, one is trapped by blind history….” FC2 remains dedicated to recruiting new and diverse makers of the images of tomorrow and to forging an ever more representative and provocative collective to challenge and overwrite the brutal conventions of our insufficient now.

FC2 Board of Directors